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| 28 September 2018

Have you ever wondered how to be a successful DJ?

Do you want to become a successful DJ, right? What are the most important things to learn in order to achieve your goal? Here are a few tips towards becoming an even better DJ then you are today.

Tip #1. Research.

You have to be dedicated to spend as much time as possible with searching for new music and analyzing the trends. It helps you to know what to play or not to play and how to use your knowledge as your weapon. Make sure to have at least an hour every day with this purpose.

Tip #2. Improve your skills.

Never be lazy to practice, to learn new techniques and to improve your skills to become a better and more successful DJ. If you are an EDM or house DJ the fundamentals are to be able to match the beat, to get nice and smooth transitions with effects. Nailing these technical things is important and essential.

Tip #3. Read the crowd.

It’s a key to not look down to your equipment during the entire time when you play in front of your crowd. It looks awkward and if you don’t “connect” with your audience, it’s just bad. You have to look into the crowd, even try to make eye contact with some people in front of you. Especially in the first couple of rows, you have to interact with those people. They are your fans, the people who really loves what you play. So just be nice and give something back to them.

Tip #4. Get – at least – a tiny bit involved in the music making industry.

The more you know about how music is actually made the better you will be as a DJ. You will know how to count BARs, how the music progresses when the next section of the song starts. Also it’s good to know how to use the EQ as well. All these things are pretty important to know as a DJ. You don’t need to be a full time producer and you don’t need to be able to make your own songs – you can hire a ghost producer instead of it. There is a point where you should decide whether you want to buy ghost produced tracks or squeeze some precious time to produce your own songs.

Tip #5. Analyze your crowd.

Look into the crowd and try to spot: how old are they? What type of people are they? What are they wearing? Where are you playing at? Once you can realize these things you can adapt to it in the meantime. That helps to make your crowd nuts and amaze them like never before. It also helps to building up your fan base.

Tip #6. Fans.

If you have a solid fan base and these people actually showing up whenever you play, you have a bigger chance to play at that club again. Club owners care about the number of people showing up for your gig because more people means more drinks and tickets sold, and the more money they make, the more you make. Building up and handle a fan base is pretty easy nowadays with social media.

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