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Anonymous tracks is a professional service that connects dj’s, producers, music lovers and anyone interested in purchasing and selling unique musical tracks.

Selling music through anonymous tracks is a great opportunity for talented producers to start their career in the music industry. On the other hand, it is also an effective money making tool for professional producers who are not interested in pursuing a career as a ‘stage artist’ but still want to generate income by leveraging their talent and love for music elsewhere.

As a producer, when you get to register with anonymous tracks you will receive 67% per track sold, but it’s not enough, every month here at anonymous tracks, based on the sales of each producer, we draw a ranking list where we decree the top producer of the month, this means that the number one top producer of the month will receive a cash bonus from our team, and the more bonus you’ll get and more your earnings will increase each month. If for example, you will be the number one top producer for two consecutive months, it means that your bonus will be doubled and so go forward. So, it will only be a challenge with yourself to do more and better than the others, to produce more quality music and sell as much as you can on our site.

Anonymous tracks is the perfect service for up-and-coming artists who find themselves unable to put down the melodies that are in their heads, have little-to-no time to produce. With a qualified submission review process, anonymous tracks set the bar high when it comes to the quality of the content to ensure that all tracks are unique. So, if you like what you hear and want to buy a track, you will receive a mastered and unmastered version, you will also receive all the source files in wav, which means all the individual sounds of the entire track, which means everything will be your property. This is useful because it allows you to make a remix or change the track as you want! Once you’ve bought a track you can play it during a set, remix it or even release it as your own and if you decide, you can release it directly with our own labels (for free included in the price you have paid to buy that track). In this case, the entire income from the track will be yours because you will own the rights to it.

It’s also worth remembering that every track is only sold once, and erased from our system so that every production is unique!

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