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Ghost Producing

Are you a talented music producer and interested in ghost producing? Do you want to earn money ghost producing appealing dance tracks?

Or are you looking to buy the best ghost productions? Whatever your story is, Anonymous Tracks is here for you!

We are the number one digital marketplace that brings together ghost producing supply and demand.

The number one ghost producing platform

Anonymous Tracks is created to offer ghost producing talent a chance of becoming successful music producers. At Anonymous Tracks, ghost producers promote and sell their work through an easily accessible platform.

Buyers have access to a wealth of new ghost produced material. They can browse through various genres and listen freely. And unlike other platforms Anonymous Tracks is open to anyone willing to buy ghost dance music, including video editors, media companies and event organizers.

Want to be a ghost producer and start ghost producing?

We encourage all talented music producers who create unique tracks and ghost producing ambitions to join the Anonymous Tracks community!

It is an easy and successful way to market your talent to a broad target audience. Also, the ghost producing money isn’t bad either.

Want to buy ghost produced tracks?

Our one-of-a-kind catalogue of ghost produced dance music is open to anyone that is interested in buying music. DJ’s, artists, music enthusiasts, media companies, TV producers and event organizers have all enjoyed our ghost production music services.

What is ghost producing?
The definition of ghost producing.

What exactly is ghost producing? Although the internet provides many definitions, here at Anonymous Tracks we maintain a clear definition of ghost producing. Ghost producing is: producing dance tracks for others. The ghost producer does or does not waive their publishing rights to the track.

Ghost productions are bought by other artists, producers, publicity agencies, movie producers, website builders, video creators, etcetera.

Ghost producers are musical experts who deliver outstanding tracks to artists and other producers without being known by the mayor public. Or by anyone, sometimes. And there are more artists using ghost producers then you can think of!

The truth is, there are really few artists who produce tracks entirely on their own. There is often a number of people working on a track. And that is understandable, considering how much work goes into producing a hit song!

Types of ghost producing

There is more than one type of ghost producer. A ghost producer can be a co-producer or produce an entire track. Producers can upload and sell entire tracks either royalty free or as a co-production. They earn a fixed price per track (plus potential royalties).

The benefits of ghost producing

Ghost producing can be seen as a consequence of an increasingly demanding and ever-changing music industry. DJ’s are under a lot of pressure and feel the need to produce track after track in order to maintain relevant and popular. At the same time, being on tour takes up a lot of time and energy.

Ease the pressure

Using a ghost producer can help ease the pressure. It is actually very common for music artists to get help with (part of) the music production process.

So why not give ghost producing a chance?

Focus on what you love

Working with a ghost producer allows all types of producers to do what they love.

Some producers like the fame and everything that comes with it. By using a ghost producer, they can spend more time interacting with their fans and performing on stage. They can leave the actual producing up to ghost producers.

Besides the ‘time factor’, there also is the ‘creative factor’. No one can be creative on demand, all the time. Sometimes the creative juices just don’t flow. It happens to the best of us. Ghost produced music can bridge a gap between creative intervals.

For those without the need of having to be in the spotlights: working as a ghost producer enables them to focus completely on creating music, without having to travel, deal with media, and working late hours. Some of us just like better behind the scenes. And who can blame them?


How much do ghost producers make?

Everybody who loves to make music dreams about one day making money with it. One of the best benefits of ghost producing is that you can make money by making music!

Any ghost producer can set the price for his tracks. So, you can easily check your potential income. Good to know: the more you sell, the higher your tracks will be priced. And the more you sell, the less you pay your % to Anonymous Tracks!

Dreaming of a career in music production?

Let’s say you are a talented producer. Your producing skills are on point, but you lack the right connections, or the time. You may not know the right people, or you might still be in school or working a fulltime job. It might feel like it is impossible to launch your career in music production.

Want to start living The Dream?

However, through ghost producing, you can start making money today! Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps for some, but this can be your reality!

Of course you need to fit a couple of requirements, and you have to (obviously) be a talented producer. But if you are, then what are you waiting for. Start producing! We can’t wait to hear your tracks.

The taboo on ghost producing

Needless to say, ghost producing is no taboo to us. We are all in. But it still seems to be a bit of a thing within the dance scene: the fact that world famous DJ’s use ghost produced tracks. That they buy entire tracks from ghost producers, or even that they collaborate with ghost producers. Rumors about ghost produced tracks are numerous. Meanwhile, ghost producing must not be named. But why? Let’s explore.

Ghost producing of dance music: a big taboo?

Just by mentioning ghost producing and dance music in one sentence, you can expect the wrath of the dance gods upon you. And not to mention every hater and internet troll with an opinion on dance music.


Some might say that artists who use ghost producers are frauds. And that it is unfair to their fans. The same fans want the artists to release new tracks, perform, update their Instagram daily and respond to their messages. A lot of work for just one person. That is why ghost producing is such a great thing for some artists. They can meet the demands of their fans and still release new tracks!


Others say artists who use ghost producers are talentless. That is just nonsense. A producer cannot become a big and famous artist without having a lot of talent. They might lack the talent to produce music, but they might be the best in mastering tracks, picking great samples, or polishing sounds. There are actually only a few producers who are the very best at every aspect of producing music. So, artists who use ghost producers are in fact very talented. They made it to the top, haven’t they?

Unfair to ghost producers?

There seems to be the idea that ghost producers are exploited and are payed an unfair wage for their efforts. This is not true. Ghost producers at Anonymous Tracks are paid a fixed amount per track. They themselves decide how much money they want to charge for a track. When the track is sold, they receive their money. Simple as that!

Others think it is unfair that ghost producers are not mentioned when the track released. But, in fact, that was always part of the deal and can even be a benefit for the ghost producer. They might not want to be in the spotlights. They might just want to produce music and make money doing it. Why else would they choose to be a ghost producer?

Break the taboo!

Hopefully by now everybody can see that ghost producing isn’t to be condemned, it is to be celebrated! If it weren’t for ghost producers, a lot of artists wouldn’t make it in the ever-changing and always demanding dance scene. And we wouldn’t have so much great music to dance to.

Put your hands up for ghost producing! 

Does ghost producing sounds like music to your ears?

Sign up now and discover the exciting world of ghost producing!

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