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Frequently Asked Questions


  • addHow and when will I get paid??

    Payment is done through PayPal and will be paid within one business day.

  • addAbout Copyright?

    The musical works are protected by owners copyrights. Any use of the musical works of this site other than listening for the user’s own satisfaction is explicitly prohibited. Moreover, selling, reselling or distributing the musical works is strictly prohibited.

  • addHow do i become a Seller?

    You can become a ‘Seller’ signing up as a “Ghost Producer” and by uploading your first track. When you get approved, you become a producer.

  • addHow do I upload my track for sale?

    After you signed up you can submit your track through our “do-it-yourself” system. It is really intuitive and easy to use.
    Our system allow you to submit your release directly on our platform, simply follow the instructions.

  • addCan I tell anyone that I was the original producer of the track?

    No. This is a violation of the Copy Right Release agreement and needs to stay only between the parties involved.

  • addHow much will I make if I sell my track through ANONYMOUS TRACKS?

    The producer will collect 70% of the final sale which will be paid after the full payment is received to ANONYMOUS TRACKS. You will also still be able to claim your copyright royalties as an author. (The % of the sales will be changed during the time, so keep upadated signing on our newsletters, because any change will be notified to all producers). But that’s not all, may you earn much more because every month here at ANONYMOUS TRACKS, based on the sales of each producer, we draw a ranking list where we decree the top producer of the month, this means that the number one top producer of the month will receive a cash bonus from our team, and the more bonus you’ll get and more your earnings will increase each month. If for example you will be the number one top producer for two consecutive months , it means that your bonus will be doubled and so going forward. So, it will only be a challenge with yourself to do more and better than the others, to produce more quality music and sell as much as you can on our site.
    Please note: You will not receive any money for uploading a track on Anonymous Tracks. You will only receive money when a track is sold.

  • addWhat happens when a buyer change my track? Will I lose my rights?

    When the buyer buys your track, he will become the (master) owner of the track. In terms of neighbouring rights: he will become the owner of the phonogram. So he is allowed to change the artist name and title! But the buyer cannot change/delete your name as composer/writer without your prior permission, in fact You will remain owner of the performers rights in respect to neighbouring rights when you have produced, recorded and performed your track.

  • addWhy have i upload a cover for my track?

    Artwork is only for illustration purposes and is a way to get more noticed. (The artwork will not be sold)

  • addCan I use samples?

    ABSOLUTELY NO!!! The use of templates, construction kits and leads/melody’s/drops or midi from a sample pack are NOT allowed.

    Do not try to submit your track with samples or stuff taken from a samples library, we check out all tracks before they are submitted and if we hear any illegal sounds your account will be immediately suspended!

  • addCan I sell a track more than once?

    No. All tracks must be unique! Tracks that have already been used by DJs, may no longer be sold on Anonymous Tracks. We use an extremely advanced system to recognize it.

  • addWhat can the buyer do with my track after purchase it?

    The new owner can do whatever he wants with the track. A DJ can use it in his set, and even release it under his name as an artist (not: author!).

  • addCan my track be on my Soundcloud at the same time as Anonymous Tracks?

    No. We cannot take tracks that are displayed ANYWHERE publicly. This is against our terms and conditions

  • addCan I sell my music through other channels if it’s already on Anonymous Tracks, or is it exclusive?

    No, this is not allowed. When you upload a track on Anonymous Tracks, you automatically grant exclusive rights to Anonymous Tracks for a period of 3 months. if the track not sold within 3 months after the track was uploaded, then the rights are automatically returned to you, and you may sell the track as you like through other channels.


  • addWhat do I get when I buy a track?

    You will receive a mastered and unmastered version. You will also receive all the Stems in the whole length of the track in of WAV, which means all the individual sounds of the entire track. Plus midi from all important elements of the track. When a track contains any vocals, we will also send the instrumental version. This is useful, because it allows a DJ to make a remix. A company can use a track or an element (such as vocals) for a commercial.

  • addDo i get the project file?

    No. As a rule, we don’t send the project files. This had two reasons. First of all: in general most people use different VST/DAW. The second reason is that producers don’t like to share their secrets; a chef doesn’t just hand out his or her recipes either. We will send you all the Stems (WAV) though, of the whole length of the track. Plus midi from all important elements of the track. This way you can import them into your DAW.

  • addWhat can I do with a purchased track?

    Basically, you can do whatever you want with a purchased track. You can play the track in your set, and also release it on a label under your own name as an artist, and if you Didn’t find a label for your track, we have our own labels where release your tracks!
    Here at Anonymous Tracks we take care about our clients, in fact, our buyer paying the sum of 300 Euros, has the right, (if he needs) to use our labels to release their “purchased tracks” (Only Exclusively through our website) Everything is included in the price!
    We have two different labels who work with us and releasing many of purchased tracks on Anonymous Tracks.

    1) Intellectro Vibe Records for ( Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Nu Disco, Tropical House)

    2) Bimbomix Records for (Electro House, Progressive House, House, Dubstep, Future House)

    Once you have contacted us , tell us you are interested to submit your “purchased track” to our labels and we immediately send your track to our label for approvation.

    We sell your music on the best worldwide digital stores, such as: (Beatport, Itunes, Deezer, Amazon, Spotify,, Google Play, Junodownload, Medianet, Pulselocker, PYRO, Traxsource, Tunes 4 djs, VidZone, Wasabeat and many more.)

  • addAfter purchasing a track through ANONYMOUS TRACKS, can I resell the track?

    Releasing and selling are two different things. You may not resell a track on any other producer’s platform. But of course you can release a track via Beatport, Spotify or iTunes.

  • addCan I return or exchange a track?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. On Anonymous Tracks you can listen to the track from start to finish. You know exactly what you’re buying. Because you already received the track with all Stems, you can’t return it.

  • addIs each track sold only once?

    Yes. Once a track is sold, it is removed from our website and will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.

  • addAre vocals in tracks always unique?

    No. When you hear vocals in the productions you buy, you may assume that 75% of these are originated from a sample pack (100% legal) and are most likely not one-of-a-kind. We allow vocals from packs, and that’s why we also standardly supply the instrumental version.

  • addWhen the track is purchased, do you delete it from the website and social media?

    Yes, we do. The track will be removed immediately from the site!
    After the purchase, the track is automatically marked as SOLD.
    And nobody can listen to it or buy again.
    Also, we publish the previews of our track on Instagram.
    So, after we’ve sold the track, our manager goes to Instagram page and deletes the sold track from the newsfeed and stories.

Is your question not listed?

Please Contact us With your question via our contact form

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