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Anonymous Helper | 22 February 2023
Edm Ghost Producers

If you’ve ever heard the term ghost producers you may be wondering what it means. A ghost producer is similar to a ghostwriter and is someone who produces music anonymously for another artist or DJ. The artist or DJ then releases the music as their own and the ghost producer takes a cut of the profits but doesn’t receive any credit for the work.

There are debates over whether using ghost producers is ethical, as some people believe it’s unfair that the artist takes credit for someone else’s work. Fans of the artist believe that they have done all the work and are talented and skilled enough to produce this work. Artists who use ghost producers aren’t necessarily talented enough to make the music themselves. Sometimes it is just a matter of the artist not having enough time to make the music themselves, due to other commitments. However, this doesn’t stop many people from thinking it’s unfair.

There are other people who think that using ghost producers is completely fair. The ghost producer knows exactly what they’re doing, and fully understands that they won’t be receiving any credit for the work. They enter into a contract fully knowing that the artist they are producing for will get all the glory. Some people become ghost producers because they really love making music but they don’t want the limelight that comes with being a musician. Others simply do it as a way of gaining experience when they start off in the music business. It’s a chance to get the experience of producing real music, and quite often, they will be able to take these talents with them throughout their career.

Whatever your opinion on ghost producers, you will be shocked to know which famous artists and DJs that have used ghost producers, instead of producing their music themselves. Just some of the names that people might recognize are;

  • Timmy Trumpet
  • Steve Aoki
  • Hannah Wants
  • Milli Vanilli
  • Tiesto
  • The Stafford Brothers
  • Tigerlily
  • Markus Schulz
  • Diplo

These are just a few artists who have been ‘outed’ as using ghost producers and taking credit for the work. For years, using ghost producers has been quite common in hip-hop and pop, but a lot of these artists come from the EDM genre. This is a shock to many people, as EDM was always produced by and released by the same people.

However, in defense of these claims, managers have come out and said that these producers have been hired to save time. They claim that they have only added in finishing touches due to the artist or DJ having other commitments and being unable to finish it themselves.

So do you want to become a ghost producer? Register and start selling your tracks here

Written by Anonymous Helper

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