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Quality EDM Ghost Productions


When you think of a ghost producing website you think of the classic website with 300-400-1000 pre-made EDM ghost produced tracks ready to be sold, in which max 100 of those are really of quality! Well, we are not the case, we feel different. We prefer to have just 50 quality tracks instead to have 1000 poor quality tracks!

We have built Anonymous Tracks with this idea in mind, offer only quality EDM ghost productions.

You know, today’s ghost production market is full of sites that offer thousand of ghost produced tracks. But the problem is that, in most of the cases the prices of these tracks doesn’t match with their quality! 400/500/600$ for a poor track? Are you kiddin me? No thanks! Here at Anonymous Tracks we stand for top quality tracks but we also stand for affordable prices.

Here everybody have 15 years of experience in the dance music industry and here everybody started their careers as producers in a small bedroom, without giant screen, top quality monitors and in no extra terrestrial studios, so we know exactly the importance of money.

For this reason we offer our ghost productions at this low price compared to other ghost production platforms. But (remember what we said before), this not means our tracks are poor quality but rather better! Lol. We just want our tracks be accessible to everyone.

Now, if your reading this, maybe you Need a Ghost Producer? Or are you out of time for producing? Out of ideas? Need an expert music producer to hire? No problem, we have a team of talented ghost-producers with huge DJ supports in their own genres and styles with years of experience in Music Producing. Jump in and choose your perfect pre-made track! Surfing through all our genres, listen the whole track and pick up your favourite one. In fact on our site you can listen all the tracks from the beginning to the end cause we want you be sure you know exactly what you are buying. No surprises!

You didn’t find that one EDM track that exactly suits your purposes?  

No problem, we offer you a super quality custom track’s service, 100% the way you want it to. Just fill up the form in our custom request’s section and whitin 24h we will replay with all the instructions to follow to start your track. Always at your side, day by day until your track is 100% finished!

That’s not all. We offer other several services for artists!

You can mix and master your track with our expert sound engineers, or you can request a remix or a bootleg for a remix competition! Everything at the most cheapest price on the web today.

If you are a music producer and you wanna be a Ghost Producer for our site it’s very simple, just register as ghost producer and start uploading your first track! You will receive 70% of the the money for your track sold.

For all others question just check out our FAQ section or contact us through our Contact Us section.


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    Ghostboosters – Thunder

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    01. My new track

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